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ALL BARK, NO BITE by Kara Emily Krantz

ALL BARK, NO BITE by Kara Emily Krantz

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Charlotte and Eugene live a quiet, no-nonsense lifestyle surrounded by sudoku and argyle. Robert and Bella are boisterous and messy and ridiculously in love. Then there's the neighbor, Suzanne, who basically doesn't know what's going on, but definitely has something to say about it. Sure, relationships can be exciting! They can also be confusing, unexpected, and expose us to profound emotional risk. However, relationships are almost always worth exploring, and if we’re willing to be vulnerable, can fill up the empty or wounded spaces in our hearts.

And if that doesn’t work? Well, get a dog.

  • Cast Size: 2M, 3W
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Approx runtime: 2 hours
  • $100 per performance

*Cover design by Barron Henzel

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About the Writer

Kara Emily Krantz (she/her) is a playwright, poet, photographer, healer, and director from Sturbridge, MA. She is currently shifting from over a decade of teaching to focusing full-time on her creative and holistic healing pursuits. With a double-masters in Counseling Psychology and Writing for Stage & Screen, Kara Emily's work centers on the complexity and beauty of human connection/communication, the intentional creation and shaping of our lives, and the pursuit of becoming more. Kara Emily has penned various plays and screenplays, includingYou, Me, and Ennui, Grace Note(Storypros Winner),andinValidated(two-time O'Neill Semifinalist). Her short play, “Recess,” won People’s Choice at the Hollywood Brisk Festival and has been produced all over the world. Kara Emily is happy to meet with production teams, work with directors in order for her scripts to best complement the space or actors, and/or participate in workshops/talkbacks/etc. Kara Emily believes we are always telling the story of our lives, and each moment we have the opportunity to choose its unfolding.